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Monthly Friday Evening Sound Bath only

A deeply-immersive, full-body listening experience to soothe, relax and calm.

  • 11 British pounds
  • Village Hall Houghton Conquest

Service Description

Sound bath is a passive, meditative experience where those in attendance are “bathed” in sound waves. These waves are produced by various sources, including healing instruments such as singing bowls, percussion, chimes, rattles, tuning forks, and on occasion even the human voice itself. During the sound bath, participants often lie on their backs ( known as Savasana position in yoga) or find any other comfortable position for the entire experience whilst the sound practitioner plays the instruments. There have been many studies undertaken about sound therapy and proven benefits include: 1.Calms your body and mind 2.Reduces stress and anxiety 3.Increases focus and clarity 4.Decreases tension and fatigue 5.Boosts your mood and reduces feelings of anger 6.Improves sleep 7.Elevates feelings of spiritual well-being Please note the following Sound Bath:Contraindications and Precautions No medical claims are made about the use of crystal singing bowls or any of the other instruments used and they are not an alternative to medical advice. LVC Yoga accepts no responsibility for any medical issues, we do not diagnose or give medical advice. Contraindications The following conditions are not suitable for sound bath: - Any cardiac condition or cardiac device - Epilepsy - Pregnancy - Any deep vein thrombosis in the leg or known thrombi. - Open wounds. - Acute inflammations and tumours - If you are post-surgery (before the sutures have been removed and the scar is not fully healed and closed). Precautions – please seek advice from a qualified medical practitioner before attending a sound bath ( evidence of permission will be required) - Severe or Clinical Mental Health Problems (please check with your doctor or mental health professional that a sound bath will be safe for you). - Implants or plates in the body (metal plates, pins, ball joints in particular) – please check with a medical professional whether a sound bath is safe for you - Carotid stenosis - Any stents or shunts - People with a deep brain stimulation device (DBS) By going ahead and booking you are agreeing that a sound bath is safe for you and that you take responsibility for your own well being. Please Note: Disclaimer It is your responsibility if you have any injuries or illnesses to seek medical advice from your doctor, prior to participating in these sessions Thank you

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Houghton Conquest, Bedfordshire

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